Welcome to Holy Island Water Sports

Holy Island Water Sports is indented to meet the entertainment requirement of the local people and the tourist who visit Rameshwaram and it is an ideal destination for adventure water sports. It was started in November 2014 and located in sea shore area. It has many recreational activities such as kayak, jet ski, stand up board, windsurfing, snorkeling, coral watching, aquarium and also it has many land games such as trampoline, mini wheel, dora-dora, water ball etc. Holy Island Water Sports believe that excellent service with good customer support will bring success.



Scuba as “an apparatus utilizing a portable supply of compressed gas (as air) supplied


Jet skiing is a water sport custom made for speed lovers. It is


Kayak is a miniature of a boat, low-to-the-water in which paddler facing forward,

Banana Ride

Banana ride is a Banana shaped tube connected to the speed boat which

Bumper ride

Bumper ride is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by anyone. It


Snorkeling is an activity that has no barriers when it comes to age

Spot Fishing

Spot Fishing is an extremely well known activity that includes a great deal

Wind Surfing

Windsurfing is a sport which is played on the surface of the water.

Stand up board

It is one of the games that has picked up a great deal

Glass Bottom Boat

A glass bottom boat is a boat with sections of glass, or other



All our boats and equipments are thoroughly checked before providing to our customers for them to have peaceful rides.

Affordable Price

We always make sure that you pay for what you get & also get for what you pay.


For all the rides, we compulsorily give training and clear instructions about the ride to all our customers for their safety.

Equipments Given

We provide all the needed equipments and accessories (eg: Lifeguard) for each and every rides to our customers.

Online Booking

Fast booking can be done online provided with the cheapest fare guarantee and great deals for rides.

Delightful Expedition

The adventure sports we offer will surely bring thrill and satisfy all age groups. You will return back with wonderful memories of your vacation trip.